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Our People

Himalaya's founder firmly believed that the success of an organization depended on the quality of its people. The best minds produce the best results. His belief was to hire bright, passionate individuals who were ready to take on challenges and think 'out of the box'. By remaining true to this philosophy, we have grown as an organization and continued to spearhead pioneering research in the herbal space.

Today, we are a family of over 5,000 employees worldwide, including a team of over 200 passionate and energetic research scientists! Years before the 'equal opportunity' mantra became popular in industry, we have practiced and promoted non-discrimination. In fact, way back in 1950 our research department was headed by a woman! Today, women makeup 24% of our management staff. We continue to attract people who are talented, driven and inspired by our vision to bring health and wellness to the lives of the people we touch.

People are Himalaya's most important asset and investing in them is vital to us. From giving them the creative freedom to push the boundaries of research to fostering a culture of open communication and diversity, we believe that our nurturing work environment brings out the best in our team and allows us to develop the best products.
Each and every Himalaya employee is unique and contributes to the success of the organization. All of us are committed to making a difference.

We believe that the best results come about only when you wake up each morning feeling excited about your work! In our area of business, where years of research can sometimes produce no results, staying motivated comes from one's passion for their work. It is the passion of our people that has given Himalaya a distinctive edge.

Our founder maintained that when you discover people with pure talent and passion, you should 'create' a job for them. He believed that it is the people with vision and passion who drive the success of an organization.