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Build a Bond

When you think of bringing a furry companion home, think adoption! Every year, the number of abandoned pets on the street doubles. Himalaya, through its "Build a Bond" initiative, spreads awareness about pet adoption to ensure that abandoned pets, rescued dogs, and Indies can find loving and caring homes. Himalaya has a long-standing association with CUPA and has become one of their strongest crusaders for pet adoption.

Himalaya has extended its support to CUPA by giving a fun makeover to the Second Chance Adoption Center and gifting special hampers to new pet parents who adopt from the center. In addition to this, Himalaya has been passively adopting pets at Second Chance Adoption Center for the last four years. Until these dogs find a new home, Himalaya sponsors everything needed for their care and nutrition. Himalaya's pet squad grows bigger each year. We have also organized events and campaigns to support pet adoption.