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3 Easy Tips to Litter Train Your Cat

3 Easy Tips to Litter Train Your Cat

Cats take their own time to socialize. While some warm up quickly, others hide and decide to mingle only at intervals. Cats are the perfect pet companions if you live in a small house or flat. They are pretty happy staying indoors as long as they have the required necessities. Usually, their favorite pastime is to sit and gaze at birds, squirrels, and insects. So, a half-open window to sit by or a balcony to lounge in works perfectly. Also, they turn into your own in-house pest control with their excellent hunting skills to keep vermin away. However, cats have specific requirements when it comes to potty training. You can create the ideal litter box experience with these three easy tips.

  • Pick the Right Box Size
    Whether you have a little kitten or you just adopted a big cat, a large litter box would be a good choice. Cats need ample space to move. You could ideally set up the litter box with at least 2-3 inches of litter or sand. Eventually, based on your cat’s digging preferences, you can increase the litter to about 4 inches.

  • Choose a private and quiet spot
    Cats have discreet toilet habits. They are more than happy to have their own space and privacy when they want to relieve themselves. Since cats prefer a spot where nobody is watching, ensure to place the litter box in an area that is secluded and doesn’t have any home appliances around. Let it be away from the usual resting area but convenient to get to.

  • Regular cleaning and changing litter
    Cats dislike litter boxes that are dirty or smelly. Ensure to keep the litter box smelling clean and fresh. Scoop out every time after your cat uses the litter box and replace the litter regularly. Once a week or once in two weeks, the litter box will need a complete cleanup. Use only detergent and warm water to clean, as cats do not like the smell of other chemical cleaning substances.

Along with food and water, a good litter box is essential to your cat’s health and well-being. Cats instinctively have the tendency to bury their waste, and once they are familiar with the litter box, they learn to use it by themselves with little or no training. Adjusting to a new surrounding is stressful for any cat. But as time passes, you will see your cat warming up to the new house and hear her purr happily whenever you are around.