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3 Simple Tips to Treat Your Dog’s Constipation

3 Simple Tips to Treat Your Dog’s Constipation

One of the most common stomach problems that dogs face is constipation. The first signs of constipation include dry and hard stools. Sometimes, your dog may even pass mucus while passing a stool. In some cases, if there is a major problem with bowel movements, then your dog may not defecate for over two days. Along with this, if your dog crouches or winces when trying to defecate, it means that he is suffering from constipation. Try one of these three tips to help ease your dog’s bowel movements.

  1. Keep your pet hydrated
    Encourage your dog to increase his water intake. Feed him fluids such as chicken broth and gravy food. You could add a pinch of ginger to the broth to help improve his digestive health and assist in regularizing bowel movements.

  2. Add more fiber and natural laxatives to your pet’s diet
    Include foods such as green beans and pumpkin in your pet’s diet. These foods contain high water and fiber content. Milk also works as an excellent laxative to ease the symptoms of constipation and relieve bowel discomfort.

  3. Mix butter or olive oil in your pet’s food
    Adding a bit of olive oil or butter can help ease your dog’s bowel movement. It works as a great laxative and also helps improve your dog’s fur health. But, be careful to add a very small quantity to your dog’s food, as an excess of it could lead to diarrhea.

Your dog will be happy if he is healthy; make sure that he isn’t suffering from any serious conditions. If the symptoms of constipation persist for more than two days, it could be a sign of some intestinal blockage. While you can give these remedies a shot for a simple case of constipation, make sure to consult the veterinarian if your dog doesn’t show any improvement.