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3 Tips to Avoid Stray Attacks When You Take Your Dog for a Walk

3 Tips to Avoid Stray Attacks When You Take Your Dog for a Walk

Taking your dog out for a walk is great way to bond with him. These long walks help in channelizing your dog’s pent up energy, and also improve the communication between the two of you. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach your dog to follow commands such as sit, stay, and heel, while ensuring that he stays well and happy. However, taking your dog out for a walk is not always easy; it requires quite a bit of effort and commitment. While your dog at times may tug at his leash, at other times, you might be worried about facing hostility from stray dogs. Here are three easy tips to keep stray dogs at bay and enjoy a happy walk time with your special companion.

  1. Water gun splash – This is quite handy and will not harm or intimidate stray dogs, unlike a huge stick. Also, it is more convenient to carry a water gun while you are trying to control your dog’s leash. A sudden spurt of water from the gun can startle stray dogs and shoo them away. You could also use a dog repellent made from citronella. It is more effective than a pepper spray to ward off dogs and doesn’t cause them any harm.

  2. Dog treats – Dogs like to socialize, so it is likely that they are interested in meeting your dog. Carry some treats and make friends with the strays in your neighborhood. Once they are familiar with you, they will make way for you and your dog when you head out for walks. Or, they might become pals with your pet.

  3. Air horn or dog whistle – Dogs have a slightly greater sound sensitivity than humans. Either use a dog whistle or an air horn to scare a dog that might be approaching you aggressively. Since most dogs are sensitive to high frequency noises, loud and high-pitched sounds from air horns and dog whistles can make them uncomfortable. In addition, it will startle your dog and keep him from reacting to the strays as well.

Before taking your dog out for a walk, develop a happy and healthy bond with him by teaching him specific commands. Talk to your dog in different tones. Raise your voice when you want him to follow orders. This way, he will learn to recognize your tone and behave accordingly. Once you follow these handy tips, you can enjoy long walks with your pet that help both of you be happy and well.