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3 Ways to Build the Bond of Trust with Your Dog

3 Ways to Build the Bond of Trust with Your Dog

We have all had one of those experiences where we were really excited to meet a dog but he either shied away or was in an aggressive mode. This reaction is just the dog watching out for himself. As much as dogs love their human companions, they have the initial inhibitions and trust issues since they don’t know you that well yet. While some dogs instantly warm up to their pet parents, others need a bit of time and understanding to help them know that they can trust you. Here are three ways you can secure a spot for yourself in your dog’s circle of trust.

  1. Long walks to nurture a happy bond
    Most dogs love being outside. Take your dog out for long walks; this is one of the best ways to bond, as it helps him get to know you better. Through these walks, you can slowly teach him to follow simple instructions such as sit and stay. Walks also bring a sense of routine, and dogs feel relaxed when there is a set order in place.

  2. A little less attention and more understanding
    Just like us, dogs also feel comfortable in their own space. Especially in case of adopted dogs, they need to feel safe and secure to develop a happy and healthy bond. While you have to watch out for your dog when he is anxious, it is also important to give him his own area where he can play and sleep at any point of the day. Be patient when you first bring your dog home; avoid cuddling and smothering him. Spend some time relaxing instead. This will help build the bond between you both.

  3. Enjoyment is the best way to loosen up
    Getting to know your dog is a lot easier than you think; you just have to find out what he loves to do and then try it out more often to build trust. This is also one of the easiest ways to make your dog feel comfortable. Identify the things that make him happy and try to practice these as much as possible. It could be as simple as playing ball or a car ride. Letting your dog enjoy these activities often will help the trust between the two of you to blossom.

It is especially important to put in extra efforts to gradually build trust if you are looking at adopting a dog. Sometimes, these dogs have had unpleasant experiences in the past and are afraid to put their faith in you. You have to slowly work towards reassuring them and making them feel comfortable. A little extra care and proper attention can go a long way in gaining your dog’s trust and setting the foundation for a healthy and happy bond between you both.