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Beat The Heat - The Omega Way

Beat The Heat - The Omega Way

Summer can be a stressful season for your pets. Soaring temperatures, the harsh sun and humidity can be difficult to cope with. The heat can affect the health of your pet’s coat too.

Prepare ahead, and keep your pet cool and happy this summer.

  • Water, water, everywhere. Place water bowls around your house so your pet knows where he can quench his thirst. You could also add few ice cubes to give your furry friend a ‘cool feeling’.

  • Be active and fit. Make sure you hit the park with your pet for a walk before dawn. If you are not a morning person, the cool evening air could make it easier for your pet to breathe.

  • Get some shade. Find a cool place for your pet under a tree or below your bed! Make enough space for your pet where he is comfortable. You could go a step further and create a small outdoor pool for him to splash around in.

  • Trim not. Unlike with people where long hair could be difficult to manage in the heat, your pet's coat can be beneficial to help him cope with the temperature.

Himalaya Furglow Oral Coat Conditioner has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help in overall skin health. It not only prevents fungal infections but also adds a healthy shine and gloss to your pet’s coat.

With a mix of care and hygiene, you are ready for a fun filled and happy summer with your furry friend!