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Caring for an Injured Pet

Caring for an Injured Pet

Don’t we all love our pets for their cheerful and bubbly nature? They are our source of unconditional love and affection. But, when our pets become injured, they can be affected emotionally as well as physically. Worry not! As a responsible pet parent, follow these tips on caring for your furry companion.

Keep the Door Locked. Did you forget to close the house gate again? Or left the cabinet door open? Since our pets are mostly on the move, they can come between door openings and hurt their paws or knees. In the event of an injury, make sure you give your pet basic first aid before a visit to the vet to prevent further complications.

Handle with Care. Just like you pamper your pet with affection on a daily basis, he will require that extra ‘TLC’ if injured. For example, if your pet has a broken limb, do use a pet carrier to transport him for that added comfort and safety.

Follow the Vet’s Advice. Make sure to visit your vet regularly post treatment and follow the prescribed medications and diet suggestions.

Silent Company. Remember, pets cannot express their pain and discomfort. Do not get too close to your pet when he is in pain as this may irritate him. Instead, provide a soft toy for comfort and company for your loyal furry friend.

Treat Time. Adequate and timely intake of fluids and food are very important for proper nutrition and healing. For example, if your pet is bored of his liquid diet, try a smoothie with his favorite fruit. Make sure you do not over feed since your pet may not be as active as normal. Doing so may cause indigestion.

Caring for your injured companion need not be difficult or trying but instead provides you with an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your loyal family member! The extra TLC will be treasured and appreciated, and will help your pet get back to his normal, happy-go-lucky, healthy self in no time!