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Choosing the Right Treats for your Dog

Choosing the Right Treats for your Dog

If you are a pet parent, you know how satisfying it is to reward your dog with treats. Dog treats are a great for bonding with your pet. Treats can offer motivation for your dog during training, inculcating good behavior. It is hard to resist from sharing these healthy snacks with your canine when he looks at you with those big, round eyes and drool dripping down his jaws, right after a busy workout or training session.

There are a variety of treats available in the market, both online and in your neighborhood pet store. Follow this quick and easy guide for choosing healthy treats for your dog.

Age Matters

A dog’s nutritional requirements vary based on his age. Each dog, regardless of breed, should be given treats that cater to his needs at different life stages. Puppies, aged between 0-2 years, require treats that enhance their immunity and digestion. On the other hand, for adult dogs aged between 3-8 years, select treats that help their skin health and fitness. Senior dogs, aged 9 years and above, should be given treats that improve their joint support and control stress.

Nutrition & Quantity

Undoubtedly, dogs love treats, and it is hard to deny them a quick snack. However, do feed the treats in moderation. Treats should not constitute more than 10% of your dog’s total calorie intake. Overfeeding can lead to obesity. Choosing nutritious treats is important to ensure your pet leads a healthy life. Select treats that offer balanced nutrition and include special health benefits.


Even though treats contribute to only 10% of your dog’s diet, ensure that the ingredients in the treats don’t disrupt his appetite. Steer clear of treats that contain sugar, salt, artificial coloring, and preservatives. Treats with herbal actives are less likely to be adulterated, and do provide special nutritious benefits. Do choose treats that are low in calories, low in fat, and high in protein.

For puppies, opt for treats that are rich in Fennel which help in digestion and boosting immunity. Since adult dogs require improved skin health and fitness, feed them treats that are enriched with Flax Seeds. For senior dogs, treats containing Drumstick help improve joints and control stress.

Dog treats are just as important as regular meals. Feeding your dog treats that are not particularly nutritious or healthy can be harmful to his health. It is essential for pet parents to make responsible choices and offer healthy treats in moderation. After all, healthy pets make happy pets and happy pet parents!