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Cozy Winters and Healthy Pets!

Cozy Winters and Healthy Pets!

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It’s the season when Santa comes with his bag of gifts. It’s also the season filled with allergies, sniffles, sneezes and rashes. The sudden and steep drop in temperature may result in your pet becoming ill with a fever, allergies, runny nose and other issues. The lack of sunlight can make pets shy away from the outdoors and stay cuddled up in their favorite corner. Unfortunately all that staying in may lead to higher chances of allergies and yeast infections. However, there are ways you can keep your pet healthy and reduce the chances of him getting sick by taking a few precautions.

Be a smart pet parent, and be aware of these simple steps for an allergy and infection-free winter.

What’s the temperature?

If you’re reaching out for something to warm you up, and then make sure you wrap your pet as well. Your old shrug or tee will keep your pet warm and give him a few threads to play with. Ensure there are no fancy buttons or decorations that may causes scratches. Watch your pet; if he shrugs the fabric off, it means he is comfortable with the cold. And yes, some dogs do get frostbitten. So, keep a lookout for fashionable wear for your pet.

Cozy bed calling

It’s a no snoozing on the floor winter policy. Get your pet a comfortable and cozy bed. Watch your precious snuggle in and give you grateful, happy eyes. It’s probably better to set the bed up in a familiar, carpeted area, so even a rough night of twists and turns will still keep your pet off the floor.

If your pet loves a box, then add an extra layer of mats and blankets to provide better insulation. If you want to give strays outside some warmth, use jute gunny bags, newspapers and old blankets for them to sleep on.

To bathe or not to bathe

Unless the sun is shining, try not to bathe your dog. Pets may fall sick due to the sudden change in body temperature with no chance to completely dry out their coats. Just like our skin dries out during the winter, so does your pet's coat. Using shampoos to keep your pet clean can actually be harmful as the coat and skin can be stripped of natural oils. Dry brushing your dog’s coat regularly can keep blood circulating.

What’s cooking?

Winters don’t mean diet changes just for us but for pets too. Feed your pet a calorie-rich diet as pets burn extra energy to keep warm during winter. Keeping pets well-hydrated will keep them fuss-free and their skin well hydrated.

Sweat it out

Your pet will be sleepy and lazy and would prefer not to walk or exercise. You will invariably find him curled up in his cozy corner. This is where you step in. Ensure that your pet gets enough activity. Chase him around. Take him on walks when the sun is out and the day is slightly warm. Don’t put it off; even a few minutes of exercise will make a difference.

As you keep your pet healthy and happy during the winter, don’t forget your camera. Your pet’s winter look will make for some of your most cherished memories.