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Did You See Me?

Did You See Me?

Hello there,

Thank you for looking at me. But wait!

I might need rescuing if I look like:

  • A well-bred dog that has been abandoned
  • I’m suffering from any injuries
  • I’m not being taken care of properly or being assaulted

What can you do next?

  • Please check if my mother or siblings are around and leave me with them. If not, please call an animal rescue shelter to help me out of the situation I’m in.
  • Take me directly to a veterinarian to get me immediate medical attention including a bath and vaccinations.

Once I’m cleaned up, what next?

  • You could adopt me.*
  • You could let your friends know that I’m ready to go home with them.
  • You can give me to a pet shelter who will find me a happy home.

* What is the process of adopting a dog?
Head to a local municipal authority and submit three passport size photographs of the dog, a copy of his/her vaccination records and a small license fee. A paper license card is issued within six working days consisting of a photo and details of your pet. You can even apply to receive a metallic badge with the license number to attach to the dog collar.

Thank you for caring enough and helping me out!