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Fighting seasonal allergies

Fighting seasonal allergiesCombating seasonal allergies requires you to be a little careful and put in some extra effort to nurse your doggie throughout these difficult seasons. If your doggie seems more susceptible to the environment around him/her,

  • Foot soaks every day along with daily baths in warmer months. Foot soaks will also combat allergens and prevent them from spreading all over your doggie’s internal surroundings.
  • Showers in morning and at night to remove allergens from the skin surface and this has been seen to work most times. Bathing frequently helps your pet get some relief from itching and other allergens. You should endeavor to wash all allergens thoroughly from the coat and skin and make use of a grain free shampoo in this regard.
  • Use nontoxic cleaning agents for household furniture, carpets and floors. Be wary against any chemicals in these cleaners that may lead to possible allergic symptoms in your four legged buddy.
  • Always try to maintain a clean living environment in your house.
  • While combating allergies, it is important to not swamp your doggie with injections, vaccinations and other medicines. This is because the immune system has to be kept alive in order to fight off these allergies.
  • Sometimes, making use of an anti-inflammatory diet plan for your pet may also work to fight food based or created allergies. This should be done in consultation with your veterinarian. Carbohydrate content is usually reduced in these cases and this goes a long way towards bringing down inflammation or allergies.