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Four Easy Ways to Puppy Proof your Home

Four Easy Ways to Puppy Proof your Home

You’re getting a new puppy home! Congratulations are in order.

While you are busy making your house comfortable for your new addition, here are a few tips to help you make your home a safe haven for him.

  1. Liquids high up. Detergents, acids, bathroom cleaners, especially the ones that are easy to open, have to be stored on shelves six feet above the ground! You don’t want to be running to the vet because your puppy is sick from lapping up a chemical liquid off the floor.

  2. Greenery at bay. If you have a garden, keep the plants fenced and inaccessible to your curious puppy. Those pretty flowers could be fatal to your pet. Common plants to watch out for include: poinsettias, azaleas, rhododendrons, dumb-cane, Japanese yew, oleander and English ivy.

  3. Hidden away. Fragile items that can be broken like glass bottles and ceramic jars should be put away in high shelves or locked cabinets. Puppies tend to tug and rattle objects. A strong pull on the dining table cover or a shove at the flimsy bedside table can disturb the peace at home and cause you a lot of extra work. Children’s toys should be stored in zipper bags to avoid small parts being swallowed, and puppy choking on them.

  4. Not chewable. Wrap and tie electrical cords and wires. Puppies, especially when teething, tend to chew on any object. Electrical cords and wires can be fatal and a little foresight can prevent accidents.

Wishing you and your pup a happy and safe beginning!