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Four Monsoon Care Tips for Pets

Four Monsoon Care Tips for PetsThe showers are a welcome break from the soaring temperatures. However, the season can be a dampener for pets as they are likely to be affected by skin infections, digestive disorders, and a number of other health problems. Here are four tips that will help you take care of your pet during the rainy season:

  • Wet fur and foul odor: The dirty fur that pets carry around is likely to lead to yeast or fungal infections. Their foot pads need be cleaned with lukewarm water. Dry the spaces in between their fingers with a towel to avoid fungal infections. Don’t forget their deworming medication, tick and flea treatments. Use herbal medicated talcs with ingredients like Eucalyptus and Neem to deal with the foul odor.
  • Vaccination schedule: A vaccination plan can keep your cat or dog safe and healthy, as they are the building blocks in the foundation of your pet’s immune system. Stay organized and up-to-date this monsoon and discuss your pet’s health situation with your veterinarian.
  • Healthy diet: A natural, balanced diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, fat and vitamins should be given regularly. You need to consider your pet’s dietary recommendations based on his or her health, age and size. Change the water in their pails every two to three hours to avoid water-borne infections. Consider the nutritional requirement of your pets and complement their diet with dietary supplements.
  • Grooming for good health: Regular baths with anti-tick or anti-flea shampoos are highly recommended. Check their ears and clean them by using medicated wipes or ear buds.

Make sure you clean them and dry them immediately if they get wet in the rain.

Despite taking precautions, it is very likely that your pet(s) might feel under the weather during rainy season. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to stay up-to-date with your pet’s needs. Your veterinarian is likely to recommend vitamin-enriched pet care supplements that will help your furry friend look as good as they feel.