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Handy Tips for Pet Hygiene

Handy Tips for Pet Hygiene

Dogs and cats are indeed a source of joy in our lives. Pet oral hygiene, their beds, litter trays and chew toys all require a pet owner’s attention. Before beginning your pet clean-up chores, do follow these handy tips to maintain top-notch hygiene for your pet and his environment.

  1. The next time you reach for bleach to clean your pet’s urine, think again. Bleach reacts strongly with the ammonia in a pet’s urine to release harmful fumes.

  2. If your pet tends to drink from the toilet bowl, keep the lid closed, always!

  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals in the areas your pet frequents as pets self-groom with their tongues which may lead to ingesting harmful chemicals.

  4. Since the kitchen sink is used for cleaning food items, it is wise to avoid using it for cleaning pet cages and accessories to prevent accidental infections.

  5. Pregnant woman must avoid cleaning cat litter trays as harmful parasites in cat faeces can cause complications in pregnancy.

  6. When you are short of time and want to spruce up your pet quickly and naturally, reach out for a no-rinse spray which is the equivalent to a human sponge bath. Trust the trio of Lemon, Vetiver, and Tulasi to deodorize, cool, and disinfect your pet’s coat.

  7. Now we can return the joy and companionship that pets bring to us with caring for them in the most thoughtful and health-oriented way.

    Happy pet hygiene!