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How Do You Know if Your Dog is Ill?

Dogs age more quickly than humans. A dog that is eight years old, the human age equivalent of 56 years, is considered to be aging. Health issues are likely to accompany aging. As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to help your pet through his illness with the right medical treatment, care, and support with your presence.

Dogs may not be able to voice their discomfort, but will instead display physical signs of uneasiness. If you know these signs, you will be in a better position to care for your companion. Vets say that one in ten pets that visit the clinic look healthy externally but have underlying diseases.

Watch out for these fifteen warning signs that indicate that your dog may be unwell:

How Do You Know if Your Dog is Ill?

Even the most well-intentioned pet parents overlook obvious signs. If your pet is showing any of these signs, it is best to consult with a veterinarian rather than attributing the changes to aging.