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How to Keep Your Senior Dog Active and Well

How to Keep Your Senior Dog Active and Well

Dogs are an indispensable part of our lives and a source of true happiness. They build an everlasting bond with us by showering us with love, compassion, and loyalty. But, our furry friends, who are the reason for our countless smiles, stay with us for just a few years. As your dog enters his senior years, his usual vigor, energy, and excitement will sober down. During this time, he will prefer resting more often than playing fetch. But even though your dog is aging, he will still need physical activity to stay fit. If you are looking at fun and engaging ways to keep your old friend on his toes, here are three exciting activities to try:

1. Paddle in the pool: As your dog gets old, he might have muscle and joint pain. Swimming is the best way to exercise his tired and aching muscles. Playing in the water has a low impact on your dog’s aging joints. Also, swimming is a natural form of therapy for relaxing and relieving stress in dogs.

2. Soft toys and rubber for chewing: Your dog might have been quite naughty as a pup and would have ripped apart and shredded the strongest toys. But, as he ages, his jaws lose power, and he won’t enjoy chewing as much. Encourage him to play by offering soft toys that are easy on his jaws.

3. Tug-of-war: This is a great game to give your senior dog a much-needed workout. Tugging at a rope requires force, and this energy generation helps develop your dog’s core strength. Also, it exercises his jaws, neck, and shoulders, and helps build strength.

Spend as much time as you can with your dog in his senior years, because he has spent the best years of his life loving you unconditionally and giving you many reasons to be happy. In his final years, you can return that love with some memorable moments, ensuring his wellness at the same time.