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Introducing Your Pet to Baby

Introducing Your Pet to Baby

Starting off baby and your pet on the right track can be daunting, leaving new parents searching for the best approach assuring a successful outcome. From getting less time and attention to an altered daily routine, the addition of your precious newborn may be difficult for your dog. As silly as it may sound, the efforts to nurture a bond between your favorite canine and baby should begin while baby is in your womb. Following these easy steps can help ensure that the bond between your dog and baby gets off on the right foot and blossoms with time.

Prepare your dog before baby’s arrival.

During pregnancy is the right time to helping your canine become accustomed to the change in lifestyle that is around the corner. Prepare your dog to the idea of having a baby in the house. You may use a life-like doll and play baby sound or video recordings in a low volume. Familiarize him with items that baby will use like a stroller, cradle, and toys. Reward your dog for being calm around baby’s belongings.

Familiarize your pet with babies.

Help your dog become familiar with babies. Take him out for a walk in the park frequented with parents and their babies. Invite friends with their little ones home to help your dog understand their behavior. It would be great if you could sensitize your canine to the smell of baby powder, lotions, and other baby toiletries. If your dog seems to behave aggressively or negatively, consult a trainer who could help you modify the behavior.

Give due importance to your dog.

Once baby arrives, you may not have the time to shower as much attention on your dog as before. Nonetheless, never ignore your dog’s schedule. Take him out on regular walks, continue to discipline him, and establish boundaries that he should not cross without your permission. Following this routine while you are pregnant will help your dog adapt to changes, well in advance.

Give attention to your dog when baby is awake, not asleep.

It is important for your dog to understand that baby is not a potential threat. Spare some time for your dog while baby is awake. Take baby along while walking the dog. Feed your dog while feeding baby. Similarly, when baby is asleep, give your dog as little attention as possible. Refrain from playing with him or interacting too much as this will make your pet seek baby’s company so that he may get your attention!

These subtle yet significant efforts will help build a safe, happy, and wonderful bond between your dog and your child! Very soon, you will have the pleasure to observe the two best play pals, constantly seeking each other’s company.