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It’s festival time! For your pet as well

It’s festival time! For your pet as well

With festivities around the corner, it becomes a critical time to show your pet utmost care and concern. While the lights in the sky may be interesting to dogs, the sound not so much. As a result dogs tend to get anxious and display erratic behavior. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing which makes them extra sensitive to noise and vibration. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your pet at all times during the festival as they have a tendency to run helter skelter and injure themselves.

Quick tips on calming your pet during festivals:

  • Walk your pet in the morning before the fireworks begin.
  • Festivals bring guests. While you may be happy to see them, your pet may be confused with the increased human traffic at home. Keep your pet close and constantly reassure him by stroking, holding or playing fetch with him. This will keep him calm and well behaved.
  • If you stay in a neighborhood with too much of festive activity- people, noise and fireworks, you may want to stay with your pet in a closed room listening to soft music.
  • All of the noise causes the pet to have a classic flee response and they tend to run and hide. Now they may not know where they are headed in their desperation. So please ensure your windows and doors are closed at all times.
  • Placing a wad of cotton in your pet’s ears will help them tolerate the noise better.
  • Another effective form of distraction would be to give them their favorite treats.
  • Give your dog a good dinner so they have one less reason to be anxious about.
  • Needless to say, do keep a first aid box handy to deal with those minor boo-boos.