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Keeping it Cool – How to Give Your Dog Respite from the Summer Heat

Keeping it Cool – How to Give Your Dog Respite from the Summer Heat

Summer is here! It’s time to head to the swimming pool to cool off. While you get your shades and sunscreen out before taking a dip in the water, your dog will be less than excited about the warm summer days. The rising temperatures can spell trouble for your furry friend.

Though walking and playing in the sun may seem like fun, too much heat can make your dog unwell. The warm weather can affect your dog’s behavior; as he struggles through the heat, he may lose his appetite, pant excessively, and drool. Don’t let the summer heat bog down your bundle of energy. Follow these five tips to help your pal cool off from the summer heat.

1) Drink like a Fish

Water is most important to keep your dog hydrated and cool. Dogs with darker coats are more prone to dehydration than dogs with lighter coats as they absorb more heat and hence need more water.

2) A Refreshing Splash

The hot temperatures can warm up your pet’s body. Let your dog soak his feet in water as this cools down the sweat glands in the paws. Also, dogs cool from the bottom, so place a wet towel for your dog to lie down on.

3) Icy Cool Treats

Your dog, like you, craves a cold lick. Make popsicles by freezing water with cucumber for a hydrating dog treat. You could also make broth ice cubes by freezing broth in ice trays. Opt for cold water in your dog’s drinking bowl.

4) No Quick Bites Post Playtime

It is best to avoid rigorous exercise during the summer, as it may drain your dog. Refrain from feeding your dog before or after an hour of exercise. This will protect your dog from bloating and developing other gastrointestinal issues.

5) Early Morning and Late Evening Strolls

Take your dog out for shorter walks as his feet warm up first, and then the heat spreads bottom up. It is ideal to take your dog for morning walks before the sun comes up and in the evening after the sun goes down.

Just pay a little attention to these simple tips to help your pet get through the summer, and as the seasons change, your friendship with your dog will blossom and grow more beautiful!