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New Year's Resolution for Pet Parents

New Year's Resolution for Pet ParentsPet parents will agree that pets are like babies.

They make life worth living. Here are five commitments you can make to your pet in 2016.

  • Take a vacation with your pet: Next time you plan a vacation, pick a pet-friendly destination. Vacations are a great way to bond with your pet. If your pet enjoys adventure, you could try new activities like hiking or kayaking with him/her.
  • Socialise your pet: Like us, even our pets need a social circle. Socialising your pet is important for his/her mental and social development. Pet parent meet-up groups provide an opportunity for your pet to socialise and interact with other pets, and for you to meet with like-minded pet parents.
  • Have a yearly health check-up: You don't always need an alarming reason to take your pet to the vet. Make it a habit to do a yearly health check-up for your pet. It is the perfect time to ask your vet for advice on diet, exercise, behavior.
  • Never give up on a senior pet: No matter how old your pet is, no matter how many health concerns he/she has, never give up on your old friend! They need you now the most. Keep their brain active by teaching them new tricks. Studies show that keeping your senior pet's brain active can actually make it healthier.
  • Keep learning with your pet: As a pet parent, you will discover many new things about your pet. Be patient. Understanding your pet will help you be a better friend to him/her, this year and every year.