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Onboard the Dog Rollercoaster– What to Expect with your Adopted Dog

Onboard the Dog Rollercoaster– What to Expect with your Adopted Dog

Pet adoption brings a ray of sunshine to the lives of dogs that have been abandoned. The dog you adopt gets a new loving home, and the space freed up at the shelter will be used by other needy dogs. Adopted pets have a higher sense of gratitude, so you are likely to receive more love and loyalty from them.

Welcoming an adopted pet home is a joyous occasion, leaving you swooning over his cuteness and smiling at his antics. Either way, your life is going to change dramatically when your canine comes home.

The first few days will be crucial as your dog takes time to understand his new home. There may be some confusion as your pet learns to trust you and tries adjusting to his new environment. So, before you buckle up to bring home man’s best friend, do set realistic expectations for what is in store for you as a new pet owner.

1. Time tests your patience and so will your dog.

Understand that your new dog will take time to adjust to his new environment. So, be patient, as your dog might not respond to your love immediately. But, eventually, your pet will undoubtedly shower you with unconditional love.

2. There is going to be a disastrous episode every now and then.

Don’t get worked up if you come back home to find your puppy chewing on your shoes. Puppies tend to chew whatever they can get their paws on. Sofas littered with fur, chewed-up furniture, and hair covering your carpet will be a common sight. Brush your dog’s fur regularly to minimize hair fall and address those teething needs with a chew toy.

3. The tide of life will turn.

Your pet will put more routine in your life than your parents ever did and probably even a sense of responsibility. Late nights, spontaneous road trips, and long vacations may have to take a back seat until your dog gets used to traveling, or you can arrange pet care while you are away.

4. A doggie’s fair share - a new slot in your salary.

You will have to set aside a specific budget for your pet’s monthly expenses that will include food, essentials like shampoo, powder, a brush, a leash, and a collar and bills from the vet for vaccinations, checkups, medication, and sterilization.

5. Rule out the rules.

In the beginning, all dogs will frequently break rules. Dogs take time to learn, so don’t let the frustration get the better of you when you retrain the same rules over and over again. Unlike purebreds with set characteristic traits, Indie pups are comparatively easier to train as they have a blend of different traits. It’s also ideal to take your dog to a professional trainer for more effective and efficient training.

Though the initial stages of having a new dog around may be trying, as time passes, you will look back at these memories and smile fondly. And over long strolls, as your dog walks by your side, you will realize you have found a friend for life.