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PET GROOMING IS FUN!Canines or felines, grooming is an essential routine for your pet. Maintaining hygiene and good health not only increases cuddle time but also reduces trips to the vet! Brushing, bathing, hair care, ear care, dental care and nail clipping… sounds exhausting right?

Let’s talk about how you can be playful and thorough about pet hygiene.

Better Breath

You want your pet to have a clean breath. Brushing your pet’s teeth could very well prevent serious gum diseases that are the cause of bad breath. All you need to do is brush their teeth thrice a week. In case they still have a tinge of bad breath, you should get their teeth scaled to remove tartar accumulation.

Fresh Fur

Healthy fur means a good bathing and brushing routine.

When it comes to baths, you could decide the bath routine depending on your pet’s coat. You could also consult your vet to follow a proper pattern.

Shampoos are important! What you use will help keep pet’s skin healthy. A natural pH-balanced shampoo with herbs like Eucalyptus and Neem like Erina-EP can keep ticks, fleas and lice away while also improving skin health.

Brushing your pet’s coat helps remove dead hair and dandruff and stimulates skin and distribute natural oils throughout the coat.

Preened Paws

Pets are always on their feet so a pet pedicure routine will keep them happy on their paws. Start with nail trimming as it means no infection and prevents dirt and junk from lodging itself. Follow it up with a relaxing paw massage that will improve their blood circulation and leave them with soft paws.

Pet hygiene is not a one-time thing. When it becomes a habit, it will be your fun ‘me time’ with your pet.

Hurrah to clean pets!!!