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The Charm of an Indian Pariah – The Best Furry Friend

The Charm of an Indian Pariah – The Best Furry Friend

We have all had a Snowy, Kaalu, Mothi or Rover walk around the locality of our house. The friendly neighborhood dog is a playmate who runs around with the kids, a buddy who tags along for grocery shopping, and at night stands guard watching the gate. A little pat on the head, a few kind words, some bread and biscuits is all that is required for you to experience the selfless love and loyalty of an Indie dog!

One of the oldest and the only pure dog breed belonging to India, the Indian Pariah is the predecessor of the Australian Dingo and Israel’s Canaan Dog. Boasting a heritage dating back to more than 15, 000 years, the Indian Pariah dogs were considered to be perfect hunting partners and companions by the natives of India. Even today, they are the most loved pets of many communities living in rural India.

Believed to be mankind’s original domestic dog, the Indian Pariah has been featured on the National Geographic channel's film, 'Search for the First Dog’. These dogs have even found celebrity admirers like MS Dhoni and Trisha Krishnan who have adopted stray Indie dogs.

Have you ever contemplated adopting an Indie? Here are five reasons why you should adopt an Indian Pariah.

1) Adorable and Adaptable

Indian Pariah’s are well accustomed to hot as well as cold climates. So no matter where you live, in or around India, these dogs will bask in the sun, run in the rain, and roll around when the winter chills set in.

2) Coated in Affection

The only thing you will shed is your inhibitions. Indian Pariahs don’t have undercoats, and their short and bristly hair coat doesn’t require much grooming. All you need to do is brush them regularly to prevent shedding.

3) The Sturdy Stud

As this breed has evolved naturally, they are immune to allergies and skin issues. Since they are least prone to any diseases, they don’t need to visit the vet regularly.

4) An Independent Spirit

Quite the ideal pet, the adult dogs need only one meal a day. They don’t drool or snore, and they don’t get anxious when left alone for a while.

5) Vigilant Guardian

Intelligent, energetic, and inquisitive, the Indian Pariahs make wonderful watch dogs that can quickly sense any strange presence in the house and alert you with loud barks.

Indian Pariahs are a part of our Indian heritage. By adopting these dogs, you can bring a little happiness into your life and a lot of love into the life of these loveable canines. If you are planning to adopt a dog, go for an Indie!