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Toilet Training for Dogs

Toilet Training for Dogs

It is wise to train your puppy to help him find the toilet when he’s young. When you start toilet training puppies at a young age, it saves you from cleaning up after them when they are older.

Your puppy is more likely to want to relieve himself at the following times:

  • After every meal
  • After chewing on toy for a long time
  • After drinking water
  • After a nap, even if it’s brief
  • After play
  • If puppy is sniffing out spots in the house

The trick is association.

Cover a designated room with paper, and leave your puppy there alone when you think he needs to use the toilet. After a few times, your puppy will come to associate the paper with toilet time and eventually start heading to that spot when he wants to relieve himself. Gradually, you can reduce the amount of paper used to cover just his favorite spot. Later, you can move the paper to the backyard garden or a particular patch of road closer to a dustbin so it’s easy for you to clean up after him.

It will take a lot of patience initially, but the payoffs of effective toilet training are like teaching your puppy good habits which will last forever!