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Understanding the Responsibilities of Bringing a Dog Home

Understanding the Responsibilities of Bringing a Dog Home

Isn’t it simply amazing the way a dog can make you feel? Those naughty puppy eyes, the wagging tail, a lopsided face and cute, oversized paws can quickly imprint your heart. If you are planning on bringing an adorable, furry friend home understand what you are signing up for. It's easy to get carried away with the excitement of a new pet, however, it is quite likely that some important considerations might be overlooked.

Do some homework upfront. From knowing which dog would be right for you, to understanding the involvement required to develop a strong bond with your new dog, here are five points to consider before you decide to adopt a dog.

1. Adoption is more than just loving a dog. Knowing why you want to adopt a dog is important. It is essential to understand that dogs need special care and attention. Dogs have specific nutrition needs and require regular exercise such as playing and walking to stay fit, and regular grooming to look and feel their best. Along with physical activity, dogs also require mental stimulation in the form of a proper routine and positive, social interactions.

2. Ensure you have the right environment that matches the dog’s needs. When a dog is adopted from a shelter, he needs a loving home. What most people overlook while adopting a dog is that there needs to be someone to take care of the dog’s daily routine of walking, feeding, and of course pampering.

3. Spend time with your pet at the end of the day. While your energy may be drained with other activities, your pet is eagerly waiting to spend quality time with you at the end of the day. Be reliable and manage your time to play with your dog every evening.

4. While choosing a dog for adoption, try to understand his energy level. Visit the shelter or breeder a few times and familiarize yourself with the dog. Take him out for a walk to learn how the dog responds to you. Adopt a dog that has the same or lower energy level as you.

5. Don’t become fixated with a particular breed. It is untrue that only certain breeds will match your personality. No two dogs are ever the same. If you generalize based on a dog's breed, you may be unable to see the distinct character that each dog brings. The Indian pariah is the perfect match for people looking for smart dogs. They have stronger immune systems, an independent personality, and need less attention than pure breeds.

Dogs have their own way of making you fall in love with them by just being themselves. Every day with his little antics, your new pet will become a part of your family. Though owning a dog is a big responsibility, having a canine in your life is definitely an adventure of a lifetime.