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A Checklist for Pet Safety During Floods

A Checklist for Pet Safety During Floods

Heavy rains during the monsoon can result in floods. Coming up with a relief plan in case of a natural disaster is vital for any family. For pet owners, their pets are a part of their family. So, in the event of a natural disaster, having a relief and rescue plan ready in case of any kind of emergency is key.

Floods range from low water to high rising, and not all floods require you to evacuate. But, you should be prepared for the worst scenario nonetheless. Here’s a checklist for you to keep in mind when creating a rescue plan:

  • When a flood arises, don’t leave your pet tied up or outside. Create a safe space for your pet and family inside the house.

  • Ensure your pet is wearing a collar with updated contact information in case he is separated from you.

  • Create a pet evacuation kit! Have items like 4-5 days of food, necessary medication, an extra collar and tag ready in a kit in case you are required to leave your house.

  • Pets are prone to running away because of fear and anxiety during floods. Seal-off areas where your pet could get stuck. Block entrances through which your pet could escape.

  • In case of an evacuation emergency, have a safe pet carrier to transport your pet. Look up information on shelters for your pet in advance.

  • After the flood, look out for rodents and wildlife as they can pose a threat to your pet.

  • Keep your pet away from flood water as it can carry several water-borne diseases.

  • After the disaster has been averted, make sure your pet is comfortable. There are high chances your pet will never be fully aware of the danger of the situation. So, as a pet parent, it is your duty to make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable after the flood. Bringing back a normal routine at the earliest will help calm your pet.

Floods can prove to be extremely difficult for you and your family. Having some pre-planned safety measures for your pet will help reduce her anxiety during the disaster. It will also help you take actions sooner as you will already be well prepared.