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A Guide to a Monsoon Pet Diet

A Guide to a Monsoon Pet Diet

Your pet needs nutritious and well-balanced meals to stay healthy. During the monsoon, you might need to watch your pet’s diet. The unpredictable weather can hamper your pet’s daily schedule and activities. So, as a pet parent, create a meal plan that suits your pet’s needs in these conditions. Read on to find out what you need to remember while planning your pet’s monsoon diet for overall wellness.

Provide Fibrous Food: The monsoon can interfere with your pet’s walks and other physical activities. Increasing the fiber content in his diet will help in regularizing bowel movements.

Avoid Cold and Dry Food: Make sure your pet consumes fresh and healthy food. Give him food that is light and easily digestible. Keep track of the timings and quantity. Do not over feed your pet, as lack of exercise due to the rains could lead to him gaining a few extra pounds.

Give Proper Supplements: Good immunity is essential for your pet. An ideal diet should contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega 3 fatty acids, as they help boost your pet’s immunity. You could also give him Vitamin B12 Complex with milk.

Clean Water: Stagnant water attracts mosquitos and other insects in addition to causing digestive issues like gastroenteritis. Change the water in your pet’s bowl regularly to keep insects and water-borne diseases at bay. Do give him boiled or filtered water to prevent stomach upsets. Also, make sure your pet has been dewormed.

Clean Storage: Store your paw pal’s food in a dry and clean area without the slightest chance of dampness, as this increases the chances of fungal growth.

Clean Utensils: Wash your pet’s bowl twice daily, preferably with boiled water, to keep it free from germs. No matter how healthy the food is, unclean utensils could be carrying germs that can cause infections.

While these are a few common tips one should keep in mind, don’t forget that all pets are different. Your pet’s diet needs will change depending on his size and age. Consult your vet for advice on what kind of diet will work best for your pet’s health. You can make the monsoons a fun and happy season for your pet too with just a little care and attention to your pet’s diet!