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Five Exercises to Keep Your Pet Active in the Monsoons

Five Exercises to Keep Your Pet Active in the Monsoons

Is the downpour keeping you from taking your dog outdoors? You might find your dog comfortably curled up in a ball, sleeping peacefully by the sofa or on the carpet. However, inactivity can make your pet put on a few extra pounds. If you are wondering how to burn off your dog’s pent-up energy on long, rainy days, here are five fun activities you can try.

A game of “bubble chase” or “laser pointer” for a happy and healthy pet.

This could be fun for both, you as well as your pet. Let your dog chase a laser pointer’s red dot around the corridors. Or, you can blow a few bubbles and encourage your dog to catch the suds.

An unforgettable playdate for fun-filled evenings.

Dogs love socializing. Invite your friends’ pets home and let your dog enjoy a fun playdate. You could also arrange some special treats and soft toys for them to play around with.

Work up energy and a smile with some tug and pull.

Turn on your dog’s chase mode with a game of tug and pull. It is a challenging yet fun way of getting you and your dog to exercise. You could use a toy rope or even your dog’s old leash for the game of tug-of-war.

Enjoy a session of “fetch tease” for an interactive workout.

An interesting way to give your dog a workout would be to tease your dog with his toy while playing fetch. Hold your dog’s toy, perform slow sit-ups, and pretend to throw the toy. Your dog will follow your movements and slowly squat and jump to get the toy.

Encourage serenity with doggy yoga.

Your dog might get anxious from sitting indoors all day long. You could help him de-stress by practicing some simple yoga techniques. Gently massage your dog and slowly help him stretch; this will help him relax.

Though these fun activities can keep your dog occupied and bring a smile to your face, he does need an occasional walk outdoors. So, keep an eye on the weather, and when the skies are clear, take your dog out for a quick jog or stroll in the neighborhood.