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Five Monsoon Pet Care Tips

Five Monsoon Pet Care Tips

The onset of monsoons means extra care for your furry friend. Long walks with your dog are going to get a bit messier, and your cat might need a cozy place to cuddle. The wet weather will restrict outdoor time, increase the risk of infections, and can cause digestive disturbances. Here are five ways you can give your paw pals some much-needed care and pampering to help them enjoy the rainy days.

Healthy Food for a Happy Tummy

The rains hamper your pet’s physical activity, and this might cause digestive issues. Include fibrous fruits and vegetables in the pet bowl to improve your pet’s bowel movements. Avoid stomach infections by providing them boiled and filtered water.

Proper Grooming for Protection from Infections

Pay extra attention to your pet’s fur, paws, and long ears. The damp environment and dirt from long strolls can create a thriving condition for fungal and yeast infections. Wipe your pet’s paw and skin between the nails with wet tissues to keep infections at bay.

Fun Indoor Activities

The gloomy weather can make your dog feel lazy. Energize him with some simple exercises; make him run up and down the stairways and corridors along with you. A few rounds should make up for the lost long walks. A chew toy would also work best to engage your dog.

Alternative for Bath Time

Humidity in the monsoons can cause your pet’s fur to smell unpleasant. Prevent coat dampness by avoiding long baths, and instead clean your pet with wipes and sprays like Himalaya Fresh Coat with natural herbs such as Jambira and Tulsi.

Deworming and Vaccination

Monsoons increase the risk of worm-related diseases, anemia, general debility, anorexia, and respiratory infections like cold, cough, and pneumonia. Deworm and vaccinate your pet before the monsoons to prevent diseases.

Cheer up your pets this monsoon! Give them some extra love and care to help them be active, comfortable, and cozy.