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How to Keep Your Pet’s Fur Clean and Fresh in Winters

How to Keep Your Pet’s Fur Clean and Fresh in Winters

As the winter chill sets in, we cuddle up in sweaters and warm blankets. But, our pets can have a tough time dealing with the cold weather. It is important to take extra care of them to ensure they are comfortable. Avoid letting your pet sleep on the cold floor. You can help them stay warm by providing them with either a small mat or blanket to lie down on. Your pet’s fur is a natural sweater that helps moderate his body temperature. So, during the winter months, don’t shave your pet’s fur.

Routine baths can be a bit of a hassle in the winter. Also, frequent baths can rob the essential oils from your pet’s fur and leave it dry and flaky. From making traveling plans to entertaining guests at home, the holiday season can keep you busy and make it difficult to bathe your dog as often as you would like. Follow these four simple steps to keep your pet’s fur looking prim and proper even when you skip bath time.

  1. The first step in maintaining your pet’s fur health is to keep your pet well hydrated. Give your dog or cat plenty of water to drink, as this helps avoid dryness and dandruff.

  2. Make up for the skipped baths with a no-rinse spray containing natural actives like Tulasi, Ushira, and Jambira to maintain freshness and hygiene. You can opt for Himalaya FreshCoat, which is a water-free solution to deodorize, condition, and detangle your pet’s fur.

  3. Your pet needs to be healthy on the inside to have shiny fur on the outside. Providing your pet with a well-balanced meal rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids will help keep her fur strong and shiny.

  4. Groom your pet every day to keep the coat smooth, and the skin healthy. Brushing the coat helps detangle the fur and remove the dirt stuck on your dog’s body from rolling around.

Keep a close watch on your pet and see if she is showing any signs of discomfort such as whining and shivering. Ensure your pet is clean and comfortable to avoid infections and diseases.