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How to Tackle your Pet’s Winter Coat and Start Spring Grooming for Your Dog

How to Tackle your Pet’s Winter Coat and Start Spring Grooming for Your Dog

As spring arrives, you will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and long walks with your pet. But, the problem of your dog’s hair flying all over the house is just getting started. Your dog will shed the heavy winter coat he grew to keep warm, and as a result, there will be pet hair stuck to your clothes and furniture. As the hair loosens during shedding, your dog’s coat is likely to get matted or tangled. Here are five quick tips you can follow to manage your dog’s shedding while keeping him looking prim and proper in the spring.

1. Brush out the knots.

The first step in controlling your dog’s shedding is to brush his coat regularly. Check with your vet or groomer and pick a brush that is ideal for your dog’s coat. Don’t tug at your dog’s coat with the brush if it is tangled. Run your fingers through his fur and try to straighten out the knots. If the knots remain, work in a tiny amount of conditioner into that spot and comb through.

2. Wash off the dirt.

Your pet needs regular bathing for healthier fur. Use a shampoo with natural ingredients like Hibiscus and Neem to keep her coat healthy and shiny. Make this a happy time; work up a nice lather and use your fingers to gently massage in the shampoo through your dog’s fur and skin. This way, you can feel any bumps, tick infestation, allergies, or sensitive spots on her body. Be gentle while running the brush through his fur post bathing.

3. Clip those nails.

Being indoors more during the winter, your dog will have long nails. Give your dog happy feet; be sure to cut his nails before you head out. Dogs find it uncomfortable to walk with long nails as they can lose grip and slip. Be careful while cutting his nails; trim just the tip from where the nail begins. A weekly trim would be ideal to keep your dog’s nails short.

4. Pamper those paws.

Long walks and playing outside can leave your dog’s soft paws cracked. After your dog’s happy play session of rolling in the grass and running around, ensure that her feet are healthy. Clean the paws and the nooks between the toes using a cotton ball dabbed with some diluted vinegar. Check for any infections or hangnails and apply ointment on the paws to keep them healthy.

5. Consider a quick visit to the pet salon.

When summer comes around, pet parents usually think it’s a good time to trim their dog’s hair to help her bear the heat and stay cool. While coat trims are a good option to groom your pet, shaving her fur may not be the best choice. While some dog breeds might be happy and comfortable with a shave, there are other breeds that use their fur to regulate their body temperature. Check with your pet groomer or vet if a trim would be good for your pet’s health.

Enjoy the spring by following the right grooming techniques to make your pet look and smell good. So, the next time you head out together, your dog will receive compliments for his shiny, healthy coat.

But along with all this care, your pet needs your love and attention to stay in good health. For the emotional bond and companionship that he shares with you throughout his lifetime, maintain your pet’s health to ensure long-term wellness, an everlasting friendship, and happiness for you both.