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Tips to Keep Your Dog from Chasing Cars

Tips to Keep Your Dog from Chasing Cars

Chasing after cars, bikes, and smaller animals is a complete natural instinct for all dogs. But, it can become a cause for concern as it can harm your pet in the process. Check out these tips you can adopt to prevent your dog from chasing moving vehicles.

  • Interpret His Behavior
    As a pet parent, you should be able to notice the changes in your dog if a moving vehicle is approaching him. Predict his moves so that you are able to hold or distract him if such a situation arises.

  • Train Him Well
    While you can’t train your dog to not chase cars, you can train him to listen to your commands like ‘stop’ or ‘leave’. Train him inside the house with his toys or while playing fetch. Make sure your pet can distinguish between your playful voice and disciplining voice.

  • Redirect That Energy
    Dogs usually chase after cars if they have pent-up energy. Try and burn your pet’s energy on other activities throughout the day. Take him for walks regularly, make him fetch ball, or make him chase after you. This will give your pet a safe outlet, and at the same time, allow him to bond with you.

  • Take Appropriate Safety Measures
    Make sure your dog has a leash on him when you take him out for walks. A long leash will give your dog the freedom to move but not chase. Carry his favorite toy or treats to distract him from chasing after cars or bikes.

As with other things, practice makes perfect. It is important you practice these tips with your dog in all seriousness. Take the training one step at a time. Don’t scare your dog when he does chase after cars. Remember, it is a natural impulse for him to do so. Instead, follow the suggestions above to promote the desired behavior in your dog.