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3 Must-Try Eye Makeup Styles Using Kajal

3 Must-Try Eye Makeup Styles Using Kajal

Have you looked into someone's eyes and thought how mesmerizing they look? Be it a shy blush with eyes cast down or a boisterous laughter with tear-stained eyes, your gorgeous eyes do quite a bit of talking for you. Eyes reflect your happiness. You can accentuate this attractive feature with the right makeup style. Kohl-rimmed eyes have been the muse for many a poetic and literary composition. Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancers have hypnotized and brought happiness to audiences with their expressive, kajal-smeared eyes. Kajal has been a staple and one of the most favorite eye makeup choices of women all around the world. A simple black streak of kajal can make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Here are three simple and easy eye makeup styles you can try using just kajal.

1. Sensuous, smoky look

Perfect for parties, the smoky effect adds just the right amount of glam quotient while bringing a subtle softness to your eyes. Use a primer and concealer on your eyelids before applying kajal. This will help conceal dark circles and give a healthier look to the sensitive skin around your eyes. Start by applying a heavy streak on the waterline. Then dab kajal on a cotton bud or eye shadow brush, and start brushing it from the just above the waterline and work your way to the corner. You can dab some kajal around the outer corners of your eyes to finish the look. Use a kajal enriched with the anti-inflammatory properties of Triphala to protect your eyes from redness and swelling.

2. Vintage-winged style

This trendy retro look was quite a rage among Bollywood actresses during the 60s and 70s. Even to this day, Sharmila Tagore's iconic eye makeup is a classic favorite of many women. To get this look, begin with applying kajal right on your upper lash line. Start with a thin stroke from the inner corner, and then as you move to the outer corner, make the line thicker with an extended outward stroke. Once you have the outline, thicken it by reapplying the kajal to make the stroke bolder and sharper towards the outer corner. Choose a kajal enriched with Almond Oil to nourish your eyelashes while defining the eyes.

3. Coy and cute doe-eyed look

Another favorite from the yesteryear Bollywood eye makeup styles, the doe-eyed look has made a huge comeback. Apply kajal in a semicircle around the outer corner of your lower lid. Extend the line beyond the eyes and join from the inner as well as outer rim. Start with light strokes and make them darker around the edge. Using a kajal infused with the moisture-retention benefit of Camphor will help keep your eyes hydrated and healthy.

Give your eyes more definition and shape with these easy makeup styles. But, the best make up for your eyes is the gleam of happiness. And, no matter which style you try, be sure to pick a kajal that contains natural ingredients such as Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Damask Rose, and Camphor to keep your eyes happy and healthy.