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3 Ways Cocoa Butter Benefits Your Lips

3 Ways Cocoa Butter Benefits Your Lips

Cocoa Butter is extracted from cocoa beans that grow on Cacao trees. For centuries, cocoa beans were known as a 'Food of the Gods' for their 'magical, healing property'. Packed with the goodness of Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter has often been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat skin issues like rashes, dry skin, and stretch marks.

Your lips are the only surface on your body that do not self-moisturize. Your lips require additional nourishment and protection. A lip balm helps keep lips soft and healthy. Cocoa Butter is one of the most common lip balm ingredients. Listed below are ways in which Cocoa Butter keeps your lips nourished and promotes the overall wellness of your skin.

1) Hydrates and Replenishes

Cocoa Butter is ultra-hydrating. It is high in Omega 3 unsaturated fats, which help lock in moisture and keep lips soft and supple. Cocoa Butter also prevents dryness and peeling of the skin.

2) Acts as an Emollient

Cocoa Butter is an emollient which means that when it is used on the lips, it adds an extra protective layer on them. The moisturizing properties of Cocoa Butter make it an ideal lip balm ingredient.

3) Rich in Antioxidants

Cocoa Butter is an excellent source of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the lips from the toxins present in the environment.

The creamy property of Cocoa Butter naturally conditions and softens the lips. It easily melts at room temperature. Hence, when it is mixed with other essential oils like Castor Oil, it works wonders on the lips. It prevents dryness and provides nourishment and care. Using an herb-based lip balm like Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care provides essential care to keep your lips happy and hydrated.