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4 Ways to Take Your Kajal Game to the Next Level

4 Ways to Take Your Kajal Game to the Next Level

Is kajal your go-to makeup product? If yes, you will surely be looking at ways of experimenting with new styles from time to time. If you are bored of wearing kajal the same way every day, here are four simple yet creative ways you can amp up your kajal game.

1. Use It as an Eyeliner

Who says you can use your kajal only on the lower lash line? Try using it as an eyeliner to get a smooth and dark effect. Since kajal is much softer on your skin, it comes off easily without much effort, unlike regular eyeliners.

2. Use It to Create the Perfect Smoky Eye

Did you know that you don't need a lot of makeup products to create the perfect smoky eye? You can create the perfect smoky eye using your kajal. Draw a thick line on your upper lash line. Use your fingers or a thin brush to blend it well on to your eyelids. Once you are done blending, use your kajal to create a thin line on your upper lash line. Complete the look with a coat or two of mascara on your lashes for the perfect smoky eye look.

3. Use It to Tightline

Most kajal users often forget to tightline. What is tightlining, you may ask? It is the technique of lining your inner lash line with your kajal. Tightlining makes the lashes appear fuller and thicker. So, if you are going for the no-makeup look, tightline them!

4. Use It to Create the Perfect Minimalistic Look

On days you choose to go for the minimal makeup look, you can count on your kajal to work its magic! Though applying kajal lights up your eyes and brings that much-needed intensity, it also gives an edge to your look while keeping it minimal.

Applying kajal instantly brightens your face and makes you look happy. Women love carrying a kajal in their makeup kit, because a single stroke of kajal can give a different look. Use one of these simple tricks the next time you are in the mood to try a new look. These hassle-free, simple ways of using your kajal will definitely up your eye makeup game.