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5 Daily Habits That Can Make You Look Younger!

5 Daily Habits That Can Make You Look Younger!

The clock is ticking and making your skin older by the second. If you just gasped, you may have added another line and wrinkle to the process. Sounds frightening, doesn't it? Every day, some of your simplest habits and actions could accelerate your skin's aging process. While you can't quite dodge the age bullet, you can delay it from hitting you hard by following these five practices.

1. Stay away from chewing gum.

The next time you pop gum, remember you are chomping down your skin's elasticity. The constant action of chewing gum exerts pressure on the muscles around the mouth; this can accelerate the formation of lines and folds, making skin loose.

2. Avoid sleeping on one side or face down on your tummy.

Think twice before dunking your face into your pillow and falling asleep. This can cause the skin to crease. When you are younger, your skin bounces back from this crinkling, but as you get older this may lead to a permanent facial crease.

3. Say good-bye to harsh cleansing.

It is important to exfoliate your face at regular intervals, but if you use soap-based cleansers or scrub too harshly, the skin's connective tissue can become damaged and lead to sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Cleansing your face using hot water can cause dry skin by washing out the sebum.

4. Don't skip the sunglasses.

Don't forget to wear those shades the next time you step out. A new wrinkle can form every time your eyes squint looking at bright light. The area around the eyes is sensitive and prone to damage and collagen breakdown from sun exposure.

5. Avoid sleep deprivation.

Here is yet another reason to get a few extra winks. Disturbed sleep cycles can disrupt hormones and trigger premature skin aging, cause uneven skin tone, decrease collagen, and affect the skin's elasticity.

While you can't avoid aging entirely, you can slow the aging process.

Protection and prevention are the keys to younger looking skin. Skin care products infused with the extracts of plant stem cell technology help rejuvenate skin cells. Edelweiss plant stem cells are particularly effective in controlling collagen deterioration. The high content of leontopodic acids A and B are rich sources of antioxidants that penetrate into the skin, improve hydration, and boost the skin's elasticity.

If you want to preserve that youthful appearance, don't delay, and start using a product with Edelweiss plant stem cells in your 20s.