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How to Refresh Your Skin at the Beach

Six Tips to Remember While Applying Lotion

It can be relaxing to bask in the sun's rays while at the beach, but the humidity of the sandy shores can suck the moisture out from your skin and leave it dry and parched. Humidity makes you sweat, while the cold can cause your skin to dry and crack. Damp weather can dehydrate the skin with essential moisture escaping when you sweat.

While at the beach, opt for a refreshing body lotion that has the nourishing ingredients Aloe Vera and Cucumber to hydrate your skin without leaving it sticky. This combination makes a naturally light lotion that can give you fresh and smooth skin. Aloe Vera, a natural UV inhibitor, provides intense hydration and softens skin, while invigorating Cucumber soothes and nourishes skin with antioxidants.

So, the next time you head out on a beach vacation, pick a lightweight, refreshing, and fast-absorbing lotion enriched with natural emollients and coolers like Aloe Vera and Cucumber to keep your skin nourished.