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Protect Your Lips When the Temperature Drops

Protect Your Lips When the Temperature Drops

The harsh winter weather can make your lips look dull and lifeless. The thin layer of skin on your lips is prone to cracking and bleeding. It is a natural tendency to lick your lips when they feel dry. However, by bringing your lips in contact with the digestive enzymes present in saliva, you are aggravating the irritation. It is advisable to treat cracked or chapped lips immediately to avoid irritation and infections. Follow these three easy steps to keep your lips healthy and happy throughout the winter.

Gentle exfoliation for better hydration

A gentle sugar scrub can bring back the glow to your dull lips. When you step out, your lips are exposed to the harsh and cold wind and climate. This leaves your lips with dry and dead skin which requires exfoliation to help moisturizers penetrate effectively to keep your lips soft and supple.

Eat healthy for a happy smile

Dry lips are the first sign of a dehydrated body. Your lips need a lot of moisture externally as well as from within. Keep your lips healthy for a happy smile. Give them much-needed nourishment by increasing your fluid intake and by including milk, cheese, eggs, and other foods rich in Vitamin B, for luscious and well-hydrated lips.

Use lip balms enriched with the goodness of nature

The sensitive skin on the lips can get irritated from mineral oils and silicones found in most lip balms. Be cautious while choosing a lip balm; pick one that has natural colors and is enriched with natural Vitamin E. Use a moisturizing lipstick to avoid dryness. Wear a happy smile with lips that glow with the fruity tint of Strawberry, Peach, and Litchi.

It is ideal to exfoliate and moisturize your lips as a part of your bedtime ritual for effective moisture penetration. This winter, follow these three simple steps for happy and healthy lips!