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Protection Day and Night

What is Special about a Day Cream?

Day creams are made to provide intense moisturization and solve specific skin problems such as pigmentation, dull skin tone, acne, oil production, and aging.

Pick a day cream variant to suit your requirements. In most cases, a day cream can provide protection against UV rays as well. If the day cream you select has an SPF, you can eliminate the need for a separate sunblock. To avoid an oily look during the day, look for a day cream that is light, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing, while also containing ingredients to target your skin's needs.

What is Special about a Night Cream?

A night cream concentrates on repair. At night, our skin is in repair mode, renewing and regenerating skin cells. Once you cross your twenties, it is important to use a night cream to help your skin look younger, and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Night repair creams are usually oil-based to enable the overnight repair process.

Why Do You Need both Creams?

The skin needs protection, targeted treatment, and repair, but at different times. Daytime can mean exposure to UV rays which makes protection crucial. A night repair cream is all about healing the skin while you sleep.

Ensure your day cream is handy for re-application. Since it is water-based, two or three applications per day may be required depending on your sweat pattern.

For optimal protection and repair from Nature, use a day cream and night cream with herbal actives to help your skin look visibly younger and healthy!