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Skin Nourishing Solution!

Looking for a Soothing Skin Solution

Even if your skin is not excessively dry, it definitely requires some amount of care and protection during the winter. An extra dose of care can keep your skin healthy and soft throughout the season.

A normal skin also needs a little nourishment; a mild herbal body lotion will keep your skin feeling soft, supple and toned. Look for natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry that soothe, moisturise and promote healthy skin by skin cell regeneration.

And yes, do not forget, the best time to apply a body lotion is after bathing when your skin is more receptive to hydration!

  • Pay attention to areas like your elbows and knees which always need extra moisturising.

  • Keep yourself covered while you step out as the cold air tends to deplete skin moisture.