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Softer and Shinier Lips!

Softer and Shinier Lips!

The thin layer of skin on your lips tends to lose ten times more moisture than the skin on your face or body! For soft and healthy lips, follow these tips:

Read on to know how you can get soft and supple lips, naturally:

  • Do's - Use a lip balm.
    Lips do not have oil secreting glands to keep skin moisturized. A lip balm will not only help moisturize but will also heal sore and cracked lips. For regular conditioning and to maintain skin texture, apply lip balm liberally as many times as required.

  • Doníts - Avoid licking your lips.
    Licking your lips makes them more chapped and increases flaking. Also, use a lip balm as soon as you feel the need to lick or bite off the skin flakes on your lips to avoid bleeding and discomfort.

  • A herbal treat for your lips!
    Look for a lip balm that is enriched with ingredients like Strawberry Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. These herbs contain emollients which hydrate and heal sore and cracked lips, especially during the winter.