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The Life Cycle of your Hair

Most of us are trying to style our hair differently or finding products that prevent hair fall. Do you know the full story behind the life cycle of hair?

A normal head of hair contains about 1, 20,000 to 1, 50,000 strands of hair.

Anagen Phase:

The active growth phase of hair lasts two to six years. During this phase, 90% of our hair is growing, about half an inch each month.

Catagen Phase:

In this phase, the hair breaks off from the root but stays in the follicle. This phase lasts for one to two weeks.

Telogen Phase:

The hair goes into a resting phase, falls out, and is replaced by new hair.

Hair fall of a hundred hair strands per day is considered normal.

Stress causes the body to alter the timeframe of each phase in the hair life cycle, and a disproportionate number of hair strands go into the resting phase at the same time. Four months later, all those hair strands are shed which explains the hair strands all over the house!

When stressed, the hair follicles don't get enough blood. With continued stress, the hair bulbs become weak and fall out after some time. The new hair that grows over it is usually weak and unhealthy. Further, stress can adversely affect immunity which can make it difficult for hair to become healthy and strong. The body's stress response can start several weeks after an event and may continue for months.

On the other hand, with higher levels of emotional well-being, your body along with your hair, begins to get stronger and healthier.

Support your hair

  • Eat a portion of beans everyday along with other protein-rich foods. Protein helps hair strands get stronger.

  • Eat iron-rich foods like green, leafy vegetables to help blood flow to hair follicles and prevent breakage.

  • Stimulate and hydrate your scalp through massages with Almond, Coconut, Jojoba or Sesame oil. Warm oil massages can help hair get stronger and smoother.

  • Use a shampoo that has the power of Bhringaraj, to promote hair growth and strengthen hair root, and, Amalaki that strengthens the hair follicle, maintains hair colour and delays premature greying.

Do try to avoid stressful situations and make an effort live at your own pace. Soon enough your selfies will show pictures of lush hair!