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The Right Skin Care in Your 20's to Maintain Younger Looking Skin

The Right Skin Care in Your 20's to Maintain Younger Looking Skin

Your 20's is the best time of your life for many reasons; you are young, energetic, and life is vibrant. It is also the time your skin glows, feels young, and doesn't need much looking after. The hormone estrogen boosts collagen production which keeps the skin firm, plump, and smooth. Collagen is the natural protein that renews your skin from time to time.

However, by the time you reach your mid-twenties, you notice that your skin's texture slowly begins to change. Your skin takes a longer time to recover from inflammation and blemishes. During your late twenties, collagen levels start to decrease, and cell turnover slows down. You may notice a change in your skin tone and elasticity, overall complexion, and skin brightness.

The skin also becomes vulnerable to damage caused by pollution and dirt and develops fine lines and wrinkles. Though skin aging is natural and inevitable, its effects can be controlled and delayed with the right skin care regimen.

The right time to control the skin's early signs of volume loss is in your late 20's. Your skin needs the rejuvenating power of plant stem cells to counter and replace damaged cells before it's too late. After 25, adding a product containing stem cell technology to your skin care regimen can delay the appearance of wrinkles. The extract of the Edelweiss plant stem cell, with powerful antioxidants, is particularly effective. Derived from the rare Alpine flower, Edelweiss has cell-protecting properties that help prevent the breakdown of collagen, giving you comparatively younger looking skin.

Give your skin the power of self-renewal by adding a cream with Edelweiss plant stem cells to your skin care regimen in your 20's and fight the early signs of aging. Discover the secret to perfect skin that makes age just a number.