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What does Your Hair Say about You?

What does Your Hair Say about You?

Ever wondered why the front bencher in school always had long, neatly braided hair while the tomboy of the class couldn't be bothered with hers? How you sport your hair is a reflection of your personality and influences others' perception of you.

A change in hairstyle can speak volumes about your personality, your tastes, and even your mood. Let's see what your choice of hairstyle says about you.

Long Hair:

Women with long hair are considered intelligent and patient. They are free-spirited and highly unconventional.

The Bald Look:

Nothing is bolder than going bald. Women without hair rarely feel threatened as they like to keep things simple. They are strong and tend to focus on the bigger picture in life.

Coloured Hair:

While people who colour their hair in bright and bold shades are said to be more fun and confident, those who opt for more muted hair colours are considered glamorous and youthful.

Wavy Hair:

Women with wavy hair are thought to be unique and modern in their thinking. Perceived as innocent, they are beautiful, care-free and love to take control.

Short-Cropped Hair:

This style indicates empowerment and independence. These women are no-nonsense individuals who do not worry about what others think of them. They are straight-forward and daring.

Straight Hair:

Straight-haired women are hard-core, professional, and straight-forward. They have an upfront personality with nothing to hide. They make good leaders, but can also be risk-averse.

Curly Hair:

Casual and fun-loving, these women are not ones to hold themselves back; they are open-minded and highly creative too!

Wear your hair up or down and create a style statement that allows you to be invisible or stand out. Follow a hair care regimen that will bring your hair alive!

Disclaimer: This article is purely a work of fiction. Remember, beauty is only skin deep!