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One Secret Ingredient to Revive Dry Skin

Your face does more talking for you than you realize. Right from the first impression to looking as confident as you feel, your face mirrors your personality.

Every day, due to exposure to harsh weather, pollution, and bacteria, the skin gets clogged by impurities such as grime and dirt that rob essential moisture and leave the skin looking dry and dull.

Dryness causes itchiness and flaking and can further dehydrate the skin. It is important to use a natural moisturizing cleanser to maintain the pH balance of facial skin. Soaps can be harsh on dry skin as the excessive foaming can leave a residue even after you rinse your face with water. This can disturb the pH balance and make the face rough, cracked, and extremely dry.

Dry skin needs special cleansing with a gentle face wash packed with the power of calming Aloe Vera and cooling Cucumber. These ingredients can replenish the lost moisture and natural oils in the skin. Aloe Vera is the ideal herbal remedy for skin problems. It is a must have in a dry skin care regimen. It acts as a humectant that helps retain moisture and keeps the skin stay hydrated. Soothing the skin, Aloe Vera helps preserve the natural oils produced by the glands in the skin. Cucumber works as an excellent toner that makes skin soft and smooth by tightening open pores.

Dry skin needs a moisturizing face wash that is gentle yet effective in cleaning impurities and also works as a natural emollient to give the skin a hydration boost. Choose a natural face wash containing Aloe Vera and Cucumber to soften, moisturize, and rejuvenate dry skin.