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What's Your Beard Personality?

What's Your Beard Personality?

Beards are majestic; they bring out a man's masculinity and maturity with an attitude that is charming, and at the same time, elusive. However, it is also true that some people simply typecast beards as messy and unkempt facial hair. No matter what, beards aren't something that can simply be ignored. Either there is an opinion or admiration. Whichever way, you are going to grab attention when you sport a beard. But have you ever wondered what your beard could be saying about you? Every beard and mustache has a personality; find out if you are sporting the right one that fits your style.

Note: since you mention moustaches as well as beards, let's call this facial hair collectively.

1. Full Beard

From sages to saints, the full beard is historic, bold, spiritual, and also brazen. A classic example is the Outlaw Beard with an edgy, rugged attitude that has an aura of wisdom and credibility. Notorious yet sorted, this style is definitely for the no nonsense kind of guy, requiring a lot of patience and caretaking.

2. Goatee

Casual yet striking, this beard style creates a comfortable masculine feel that isn't overboard. The goatee is a perfect play between a manly beard and a boyish scruff. You can also try a variation of this style, the Choco Boi or the cute beard, for a hip and smart look. Note: can we think of another word other than "cute"? Babies are cute..

3. Scruffy/Stubble

This minimal maintenance look is quite the favorite among the ladies. It brings out a carefree and rugged feel coupled with a bit of panache. This beard style is the right mix of polished roughness that is attractive without being intimidating.

4. Chinstrap

Easygoing and peppy, and at the same time, grounded and mature, this Mischief Maker Beard is for anyone who walks through life with a twinkle in his eyes that matches the panache of his beard.

5. Mustache

Simple yet effective, the mustache has been the face of laughter as well as scientific brilliance, right from the famous Charlie Chaplin to the genius Albert Einstein. This style has a distinct and bold personality, and brings out the gentlemanly spirit.

6. Handlebar Mustache

Over the last few years, Ranveer Singh and Shikhar Dhawan are the two icons who have made the handlebar mustache a popular rage. This look portrays an unconventional style that not everybody can pull off. It is a classic that's always in vogue. Note: are we allowed to mentioned celebrities by name? I don't think so without permission. So let's change it to say "celebrities".

7. Soul Patch

A clean look with a bit of a hippy touch, this style has an offbeat and confident feel. Representing a creative personality, this beard style is usually worn by artists and writers.

Growing a beard is not the end of the story; you need to take special care of it. It is important to use a product like Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash that is specially formulated to cleanse and moisturize beards. So, no matter what type of beard you sport, make sure that it looks, feels, and stays perfect!