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Jaipur Airport welcomes Himalaya

Sets up exclusive store, offering head-to-heel range of herbal products

Jaipur, February 13 2012: The Himalaya Drug Company, a leading herbal health and personal care company, opened its exclusive store at the Jaipur Airport today.

Inaugurated by Mr. R. K. Singh, Airport Director, Jaipur, the store will serve as a one-stop-shop for well-researched, safe and efficacious herbal products. Himalaya's range includes over 200 products that span the entire wellness spectrum –personal care, healthcare, babycare and animal health.

Mr. Jasminder Singh, Regional Manager—North, The Himalaya Drug Company said, "Steeped in history, the 'Pink City' is one of India's top tourist destinations. A large number of tourists fly into Jaipur to experience its rich culture and heritage. Himalaya's new airport store will give us great brand visibility and help us to reach out to many new and existing customers, who pick up our products 'on-the-go', either for their own use or for their friends and family back home!"

He added, "An exclusive Himalaya outlet also helps us showcase the entire range under one roof. Since our products are popular with international tourists, when they walk into a Himalaya store they are able to see the range, interact with our store advisors and learn about the brand. It gives them a complete Himalaya experience"

"Himalaya's products are rooted in Ayurveda but validated through years of modern scientific research. We are the only herbal brand offering an extensive range of topical and internal wellness products. For instance, our neem range includes our bestseller, Purifying Neem Face Wash, Neem Scrub and Neem Face Pack for topical care and Neem capsules from our Pure Herbs range that purify the blood and help maintain skin health. This is what modern consumers want and we are happy to be their brand of choice when it comes to holistic wellness," he concluded.

Himalaya has 113 exclusive stores across India including 10 airport stores at busy destinations like Goa, New Delhi, and Udaipur.

Himalaya launches HiOwna-Jr. for kids, the first in a series of prescription nutri-health products

Power packed with pea-protein, a vegetable protein with superior essential amino acid profile, used for the first time in India Contains 13 essential vitamins & 9 minerals, colostrum and potent herbs

June 27, Bengaluru: The Himalaya Drug Company today launched HiOwna-Jr. for kids, a prescription-based nutritional supplement that promotes physical and mental growth and enhances immunity in children, from two years of age right upto their pre-teens.

Especially helpful for kids who are fussy or picky eaters, HiOwna-Jr. supplements their daily requirement of macro and micronutrients, essential for normal development.

Picky Eating and Child Health

An increasing number of kids from urban Indian homes are developing unhealthy eating habits, either eating selective foods or opting for tasty but nutrient empty 'junk' foods. Mealtime, which traditionally used to be a time for bonding with kids, has now become stressful for parents and children due to changing eating preferences. What is worrisome is that kids are not getting adequate nutrition. Surprisingly, even children who seem healthy, may actually be deficient in essential nutrients. Chronic micronutrient deficiency can lead to problems like stunted growth, cognitive debility and poor immunity. Increasingly, on the recommendation of doctors, parents are reaching for alternative solutions like health drinks and supplements to help fill the nutritional gaps in their children's diet.

HiOwna-Jr.: A unique Ayurvedic health supplement for kids

HiOwna-Jr. combines the knowledge of Ayurveda with modern science, to give children a daily herbal nutritional health supplement that provides the benefits of scientifically validated age-old herbs along with essential vitamins and minerals.

"HiOwna-Jr. is a unique health formulation that contains herbs widely known in Ayurveda for promoting child health. It is ideal for kids in their 'growth years' – from two to pre-teens, when they need extra nutrients to support healthy development," said Philipe Haydon, CEO – Pharmaceuticals, The Himalaya Drug Company.

HiOwna-Jr. is also good for kids who are fussy eaters. The carefully selected herbs and ingredients play a vital role in improving appetite and reducing illness, especially, recurrent respiratory infections. The essential micronutrients further assist the growth and development process.

"We developed HiOwna-Jr. keeping in mind the idea of wholesome nutrition that supports overall physical and mental growth in children and helps build their immunity. That is why, in addition to the essential vitamins and minerals, we have included herbs known for their superior health benefits. HiOwna-Jr. is fortified with 13 essential vitamins and 9 minerals. It also has Ragi (finger millet) that improves nutritive status, Maricha (black pepper), a bio-availability enhancer, Mandukaparni (centella), a cerebral activator, also known as 'brain food' in Ayurveda and Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), an immunity enhancer and the richest source of Vitamin C in nature," added Philipe.

All essential vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Niacin, Biotin, Folic acid, and Pantothenic acid are present in HiOwna-Jr. Minerals like Iron, Iodine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium and Molybdenum are also present as per the guidelines set by the National Institute of Nutrition – Indian Council of Medical Research.

Equally important is taste. If a health supplement doesn't taste good, mums will have another task on hand trying to convince children to drink it! HiOwna-Jr. has been launched in two flavors much-loved by kids– strawberry and chocolate, making it a nutritious and delicious health supplement.


To make things more convenient for mums, HiOwna-Jr. incorporates superior granulation technology. This essentially means it dissolves in water or milk more quickly than any other nutritional supplement presently available in India. Better solubility or miscibility means more nutrients being made available to kids in every glassful of HiOwna-Jr.

Pea Protein & Colostrum: The 'EXTRA' Advantage

"HiOwna-Jr. has the distinct advantage of being the only health supplement in India to have pea protein along with the traditional whey protein. Pea protein, a natural, vegetable, easy to digest protein, has an essential amino acid profile very close to the ideal protein required for human nutrition, as recommended by the WHO and FAO. Moreover, pea protein has a high percentage of lysine (approximately 7.2%), an amino acid essential for bone health and human growth," explained Dr. Ajay Tumaney, Group Leader—Functional Food Development, The Himalaya Drug Company.

Highlighting the benefits of colostrum in HiOwna-Jr., Dr. Tumaney said, "Colostrum or 'first milk' is an excellent source of immunoglobulins, proteins that fortify the immune system and fight infections. It also contains proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) that have a unique ability to modulate the immune system." HiOwna-Jr. enjoys another distinct advantage – it contains 30 times more colostrum per gram, compared to other brands available in the category.

Prescription Nutraceutical Market for Kids

HiOwna-Jr. Highlights
  • Prescription based nutri-health supplement for kids
  • Promotes physical growth & mental development
  • Builds immunity
  • Combines essential vitamins & minerals with time-tested herbs
  • Ideal nutrition supplement for fussy eaters
  • Tasty chocolate & strawberry flavors

  • For the first time in India: -

  • PEA protein & highest quantity of colostrum
  • Superior miscibility

  • A recent Frost and Sullivan report pegged the nutraceuticals market in India at $1480 million in 2011, expected to reach $2731 million in 2016 at a CAGR of 13.0 percent. Of this, the nutritional and health supplements are the largest sub-category accounting for 64% of the market.

    "Over the next two to three years, we intend to build the HiOwna brand into a 100 crore business. Eventually, we will have a separate business vertical exclusively focused on nutritional and health products for children and people of different age groups addressing different conditions," said Philipe.

    "We have high expectations from HiOwna and the 100 crore target seems well within reach. Firstly, we have a unique product. Additionally, we are clearly recognized as the face of contemporary Ayurveda. Finally, doctors trust Himalaya's products. We enjoy their confidence of being an R&D driven company. As always, Himalaya will highlight the science behind HiOwna Jr," he added.

    Presently, pharmaceutical companies have a significant presence in the micronutrient, vitamins and minerals segment of the nurtraceutical business. Especially in the pediatric segment, most of the products are cross-overs from pharmaceuticals, initially being promoted through doctors before going direct to consumers.

    HiOwna Jr will be promoted exclusively through doctors. It will be launched pan-India – along with metros, it will be made available in tier II and tier III cities and rural areas.

    HiOwna Jr, launched in chocolate and strawberry flavors, is priced at Rs. 185 and Rs. 180 respectively. It is available in pharmacies and all Himalaya retail outlets.

    Himalaya's Mums vs. Fussy Eating Inaugurated in Chandigarh

    The company held an interactive session between doctors and mothers in the city

    Chandigarh, August 23, 2012: As part of Himalaya's efforts to help mothers address the problem of fussy eating in kids, the company held a special session in Chandigarh, where mums could interact with doctors and seek their advice.

    Talking about the initiative, TL Suresh, Business Head—Pharmaceutical Division, The Himalaya Drug Company said, "An increasing number of kids from urban Indian homes are picky eaters, which means that mealtimes are stressful for both parents and children. What is worrisome is that kids are not getting adequate nutrition. Surprisingly, even children who seem healthy, may actually be deficient in essential nutrients. When mothers face fussy eaters at home, their first point of contact is their doctor. Therefore, through 'Mums vs. Fussy Eating', we are providing a platform for mothers to engage in an interactive discussion with doctors and other mums on ways to tackle this problem."

    During the event, 40 participating mothers were addressed by Dr. Gaurav Gupta, eminent pediatrician in Chandigarh and Dr. Archana, Senior Research Scientist, The Himalaya Drug Company. Talking about long-term health disorders associated with selective eating, Dr. Gupta elaborated, "Chronic micronutrient deficiency can lead to problems like stunted growth, cognitive debility and poor immunity. Therefore, it is very important for ensure that children's diet includes the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which are vital during their 'growth years'.

    Dr. Archana said that Ayurvedic texts have highlighted certain herbs that play a vital role in improving appetite and reducing illness, especially, recurrent respiratory infections, "Picky eaters that only eat selectively during mealtimes lack wholesome nutrition that supports their overall mental and physical growth. Some key herbs that should be included in children's diet include, Maricha (Black Pepper), which is a bio-availability enhancer, Mandukaparni (Centella), a cerebral activator, also known as 'brain food' in Ayurveda and Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), an immunity enhancer and the richest source of Vitamin C in nature."

    To bring the event to a close, Park Plaza Chandigarh's chef, Nitin Ranjan showed mothers how to make quick, tasty and nutritious meals on a live counter that would please their picky eaters at home!

    The participating mothers were selected on the basis of a lucky draw at Himalaya's exclusive outlet in Chandigarh. Upon purchasing Himalaya's products, customers were asked to fill in a registration form, from which 40 names were selected.

    Himalaya's IDEA campaign reaches Hyderabad

    In a new initiative on diabetes education and awareness in India, The Himalaya Drug Company in association with Lions Club, Hyderabad, organized a public awareness lecture and blood sugar test in the city

    October 8, 2012.
    As part of Himalaya's efforts to raise awareness on diabetes, the company held a blood sugar detection camp at K.K. Samaj Hall, Gowliguda, Hyderabad, in association with Lions Club, Hyderabad.

    India is home to 61 million diabetes patients, an increase from 50.8 million from last year, as per the annual report published by the International Diabetes Foundation. India also accounts for the highest mortality rate in the region, with almost one million diabetes-related deaths recorded in the past year.

    Talking about the initiative, Anil Jiandani, Business Head—Pharmaceutical Division, The Himalaya Drug Company said, "Through IDEA, we want to do our bit for diabetes. A random blood sugar test is all that it takes to find out whether someone is diabetic. Diagnosing the condition will help patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes and start treatment immediately."

    Trained Himalaya personnel carried out blood glucose tests for a strong crowd of 75 people. Dr. D Manik, Dr. Noori Pradeep and Dr. Rakesh Kumar, eminent doctors in the city, advised borderline diabetics on healthy lifestyle choices. Patients diagnosed with diabetes during the camp received a free consultation with the doctors.
    "IDEA campaign has already travelled to 40 cities. We intend to reach out to 250 cities by March 2012," added Jiandani.

    Himalaya rolls out 'PureHands Take One Contest' across colleges in Bengaluru

    Make a video for PureHands, Himalaya's hand sanitizer and win Rs. 1 Lakh!
    Himalaya Herbal Healthcare rolled out an innovative marketing campaign for its hand sanitizer, PureHands, today.

    Inviting young, creative minds to make a video for PureHands that will highlight product benefits in an exciting way, the contest is being run on Facebook (www.facebook.com/himalayapurehandsvideocontest).

    The winning team will receive a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh. The first and second runners-up win Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 respectively.

    Says Ramakant Sista, Marketing Manager, Consumer Product Division, Himalaya India, "The benefit of 99.9% germ protection is now inherent to all sanitizers. All players in the category offer this benefit to customers. Health protection and 'germ-check' is therefore a given. There is a need for more evolved communication. Brands therefore need to highlight different value propositions that will make their product the preferred choice."

    He added, "As a brand, Himalaya stands for well-researched, safe and efficacious herbal products. We would like students to highlight our USP and bring out the product benefits in a creative way through their videos."

    What is the objective of the contest?

    • Generate fresh communication ideas for PureHands
    • Enhance brand experience for customers by giving them a platform to tell their story
    • Directly involve users of the product in the communication

    Ramakant further added, "We want consumers to use hand sanitizers as part of their daily health protection routine. While the swine flu scare created demand for hand sanitizers, we need to continue building awareness for the product. A hand sanitizer is the most convenient way to keep our hands germ-free and this needs to be communicated effectively."

    Why colleges?

    Hand sanitizer use is increasing among college students because of their lifestyle. Students spend a lot of their time outside - eating, shopping at malls, engaging in outdoor sports or 'hanging out' with friends. This increases their exposure to germs. Moreover, health consciousness is on the rise.

    Adds Ramakant, "We wanted to involve the user community in developing an advertisement for PureHands. Students, who are big users of the product, are better placed to narrate their experience with the product and how it plays a role in their life. If we want customers to connect with the brand and the category, we need to create communication that they can identify with. The product must seamlessly integrate into their life experiences!"

    Why social media?

    If we want to reach out to the student community then the best way to do this is via social media.

    "Crowd sourcing is a great way to access fresh, exciting ideas. Companies across the globe are looking at the internet to reach out to their consumers. We chose to run our contest on Facebook as the social networking site is most popular among youngsters. They congregate on Facebook, express their opinions, discuss, deliberate. The contest is a first for us. We are hopeful that students will participate and enjoy the experience", he concluded.

    About the contest

    Open to college students in Bengaluru, the contest is being run on Facebook (www.facebook.com/himalayapurehandsvideocontest).

    Students have to make a video for our hand sanitizer, PureHands. The video should highlight the role of PureHands in day-to-day life. It should also bring out the USP of PureHands, ie., herbal.

    Videos will be judged by a panel of industry experts and peers. Out of the videos received, 15 will be shortlisted by Meridian Communication on the following criterion: concept, adherence to creative brief, out of the box thinking and tagline.

    The chosen 15 teams will present their videos to a panel of industry experts for the 'Jury Award'. There will also be a 'Popular Choice Award' for the video with the maximum number of votes on Facebook.

    The winning team will receive a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh. The first and second runners-up win Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 respectively.

    May 31, 2010

    Himalaya opens exclusive store in Delhi's GK Market, incorporating unique 'Green Concepts'
    Delhi, May 31, 2010
    Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, launched its exclusive outlet, with unique 'Green Concepts', at GK Market, one of Delhi 's prime areas.

    The store showcases Himalaya's 'head-to-heel' range of over 200 herbal products spanning pharmaceuticals, personal care, foods, baby care, wellness and animal health. It provides a single platform for Himalaya's extensive portfolio of well-researched, safe and efficacious herbal products, offering customer comfort, convenience and a delightful shopping experience!

    While the store design bears Himalaya 's signature style of simplicity and ease, it also incorporates unique green concepts , in line with the company's philosophy of doing its bit to protect the planet.


    • The lighting used in the store is energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFL) that consume 75% - 80% less energy and last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.
    • The air-conditioning has a four-star rating, saving approximately 1500 watts per day by consuming half the energy of a normal AC.
    • Zero-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints used in the store are non-toxic and do not deplete the ozone layer. The paint is sourced locally, which means less transportation and reduced carbon footprint.
    • Carry bags are made from 75% recycled paper to help optimize the sustainability of packaging materials.
    • Display units within the store are made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is produced using wood waste and wood chippings that occur during the primary use of wood.

    Inaugurating the store, Mr . Saket Gore , Business Head, Consumer Product Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said, "We work very closely with nature since all our products are derived from herbs and plants. As such, we are strongly committed to doing our best to protect the planet - whether it is through promoting organic farming, preserving biodiversity, rainwater harvesting or moving towards greater energy efficiency in all our operations. By incorporating green elements in our retail outlets, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. This 'greening the store' initiative will be rolled out across stores and will be part and parcel of all our new outlets. While there is always scope for improvement, we believe every small step helps save the planet and makes a big difference in the long run!"

    Himalaya 's top selling products include its flagship brand, Liv.52, Cystone and Resoto under its pharmaceutical range. The best sellers under the personal care range include Purifying Neem Face Wash , Dental Cream (a herbal adult toothpaste), Shampoos and its range of high end skin care products.

    About The Himalaya Drug Company: The Himalaya Drug Company was founded in 1930 by Mr. M. Manal with a clear vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000 year old system of medicine. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, selecting indigenous herbs and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs and therapies.

    For more information, please visit: www.himalayahealthcare.com

    Himalaya Health Care introduces New 'Gentle Daily Care' Shampoo
    Bengaluru, September, 2009

    Now "Shampoo every day without fear" with this gentle, protein enriched, 100% herbal active shampoo for healthy & lustrous hair

    September 09: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare has introduced a new Gentle Daily Care shampoo ideal for people with active lifestyles, requiring frequent shampooing.

    As the name suggests, Himalaya's Gentle Daily Care Shampoo is specially formulated for daily use. The shampoo has a naturally derived hair protein friendly, foaming agent and is enriched with extracts of Chickpea, Amla, Black Myrobalan, Eclipta, Licorice, Henna and Beach Almond that makes the shampoo gentle and perfect for daily use.

    The natural ingredients in the shampoo provide hair with protein nourishment and thorough cleansing, making hair healthy and easily manageable.

    What makes Himalaya Gentle Daily Care shampoo perfect for everyday use?

    • Natural foaming agent : Most shampoos consist of chemical-based foaming agents that are harsh on keratin or natural protein fibers of the hair. Himalaya 's Gentle Daily Care shampoo has a foaming agent derived from natural ingredients. This natural foaming agent is safe and gentle on the hair and scalp, protecting the hair's natural keratin. The natural foaming agent also makes the hair smooth and has effective cleansing properties.
    • Supports normal oil secretion : Most shampoos contain synthetic ingredients that produce a 'buildup' effect on the scalp when used daily. This affects normal oil secretion from the scalp. Himalaya 's Gentle Daily Care shampoo is free of chemicals that cause scalp buildup and hence it facilitates normal oil secretion from the scalp, making hair healthy and reducing hair fall.
    • Natural ingredients for nourishment and protein : Himalaya 's Gentle Daily Care shampoo is enriched with extracts of Chickpea, Amla, Black Myrobalan, Eclipta, Licorice, Henna and Beach Almond that makes the shampoo gentle and perfect for daily use. Chickpea is the main source of protein which nourishes the hair while Amla strengthen hair from the roots. The unique blend of these herbs provide protein nourishment to the hair.
    • Delivers three vital shampoo benefits : The shampoo cleanses, nourishes and makes the hair manageable -the three vital benefits of a good daily use shampoo.

    Natural Protein Hair Care this Monsoon!
    Bengaluru, July 03, 2008

    Himalaya Herbal Healthcare brings you a range of 3 unique protein shampoos to keep your lovely tresses looking great and healthy this monsoon!

    Himalaya Protein Shampoo for Oily and Greasy hair is a unique formulation of specially selected herbs that removes excess oiliness, nourishes the hair roots and gives bounce and shine to hair. It contains Lemon, which cleanses the hair and imparts a glow, Rosemary that controls excess oiliness and Chickpea, which has natural proteins that nourish the hair roots.

    Himalaya Protein shampoo for Normal Hair contains Shikakai, a natural cleanser, soapnut to remove accumulation of debris and sebaceous material apart from detangling the hair, lemon juice which possesses antibactericidal and astringent properties and Fenugreek, enriched with lecithin and other proteins, to nourish, strengthen and prevent hair loss.

    Himalaya Protein Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair is a shampoo that gives nourishment and extra conditioning to each strand of hair to make it healthy and silk-soft, which is easy to manage and style. Natural proteins from Chickpea are absorbed by the scalp to nourish the hair roots and prevent damage to hair shafts. Sesame extracts condition each strand of hair.
    All the shampoos are available in pack sizes of 6ml sachet, 40ml, 100ml, 200ml and 400ml.