Think Natural. Think Therapy.

You are a beautiful example of the wonders of the human body – to be able to stretch and accommodate the arrival of a new life. The discomfort brought by skin changes, swollen feet, heartburn, bladder issues, and irregular sleep is all worth it once your bundle of joy arrives.

Your baby's birth brings with it health and wellness rituals that are elaborate and necessary. Now, Himalaya introduces a range of products for moms, specially formulated with your specific needs as a mother in mind, both during and after pregnancy. We have combined our proprietary science with the principles of Ayurveda and calming and relaxing fragrances to give you products that will soothe, heal and invigorate your body.

When you choose a product from the Himalaya Mom line, know that you are choosing the very best for you and your baby.

natural & gentle

Our Products

Body Care

Toning Massage Oil
Tones and firms skin. Relieves stress and pain.

Soothing Body Butter
Intensely moisturizes. Deeply nourishes.

Anti-Rash Cream
Effectively heals rashes. Relieves itching.

Nursing Care

Nipple Care Butter
Soothe, heal and protect dry, cracked, and sore nipples.

Intimate Care

Intimate Wash
Gently cleanses and refreshes. Prevents odour and irritation.

Intimate Wipes
Gently cleanses and refreshes. For convenient personal hygiene.