Nursing Wipes
Nursing Wipes
Nursing Wipes

Nursing Wipes

Maintains breast hygiene. Softens and protects nipples.

Why is it important to use Nursing Wipes?

Taking care of nipples is important for lactating mothers - both during travel and while at home. These wipes gently clean and remove any milk or sweat remnants on the breast and help prepare you for breastfeeding.

Regular breastfeeding can increase the sensitivity of the nipple skin, leading to sore, cracked nipples. Cleansing with soaps can remove natural moisture, further irritating sensitive skin. The use of wipes before and after nursing improves breast hygiene and ensures comfortable breastfeeding.

What it Does:

Himalaya Mom Nursing Wipes help maintain breast hygiene naturally. Free from mineral oil, our Nursing Wipes contain the goodness of 100% edible grade coconut oil.

Key Ingredients:

Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

  • Hydrates and softens dry nipples
  • Protects skin from chapping
  • Reduces dryness and soreness

Pack Size:

24s, 72s.

Directions for Use:

Pull out one wipe and gently cleanse the nipple and areola before and after breastfeeding. Dispose after one use. Reseal the package to keep the wipes fresh.

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